Sew Fabulous Online Learning

Online Learning in your Pj’s
at 3 in the morning if you feel like it!

Sew Fabulous opened her doors in 2006 in Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa.

Those Pretoria Classroom Doors have closed at the end of 2017

! !   N E W   B E G I N N I N G S   ! !

Today, students from all over the country can join in. There will always be space in class!

Your brand new Anytime Classroom is geared to get to the point quickly and clearly without
gobbling up your precious data.

Start with the FREE Basics for Beginners Course today… Did you see FREE !


You will obviously need a Sewing Machine.

New Equipment

In the Anytime Classroom, students are exposed to equipment they may not have heard of.

As they progress through the Learning Journey, the demonstrations show clearly how these items are used.  They will all be available in the ONLINE SHOP


If you’re in a Retail Therapy mood…


Your brand new Electronic Sewing Machine is waiting for you in the SHOP.


With your machine and our compliments, you’ll receive everything required for the FREE Basics for Beginners Sewing Course!

Clear Instructions

Printable PDF files are available where it is required to gain a greater insight into the subject matter.

The pace of the clear tutorials is fast enough, but not too fast to follow by the novice who has never sewn.

Sewing Environment

It is important and makes a positive difference if your Sewing Environment is tidy and organised.

A well-equipped space with an ergonomic layout is key to the quality of your experience.

Correct Procedures

Students can benefit from knowledge gained during more than 40 years behind the sewing machine.

Teaching Methods that work and the Unique Sew Fabulous Curriculum were developed over 11 years.

The 7 P’s

Enjoying your sewing requires a few characteristics to be in place. Weather they are inborn or need to still be fully developed, these are essential in varying degrees:

1.  Practice

2.  Patience

3.  Persistence

4.  Perseverance

5.  Positivity 

6.  Planning

7.  Precision